Love Story 6

The dance was in full swing. We were learning the art of luau by an instructor. The hall was decked out as a polynesian paradise.

Shortly after a lesson of hip swaying and hand waving, a steady beat filled the air. People began to fill the floor and a circle had formed. I was suddenly releived, elated even, music does that to me.

I happen to have-or should I say had-a knack for dancing. And I can be kind of a ham. So without further ado, I seized the opportunity and jumped in the circle.

I did as many hip hop, jazzy moves as I could before I ran out of them and settled back into the circle. In the background I heard a guys voice say

"No one is going to top her tonight."

I turned to see whos voice it was. The blonde haired boy with the striped shirt had said it. And I smiled to myself.

I steadily moved away from the crowd.


It was him, I stopped to allow him to catch up. He smiled back at me.

"No one is going to top you tonight. Your quite the dancer."

"Thanks". I grinned quite pleased with myself.

"My name's Danny"

He introduced himself allowing his lips smirk up into a smile. I melted. He was soo cute!!

"My name is Danielle"

"You wanna dance?"

I nodded and we walked back towards the crowd.

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Celeste said…
Yay! A new chapter:)
Danielle said…
Thanks Celeste :-)

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