Love Story 5

"Just go to the dance Danielle. You might have fun."

My Mom was urging me to get out the house. I wasn't doing much these days, besides working, worrying and talking on the phone.

"Ugh, no Mom. I am engaged. I don't need to go to Singles events. I'm not single."

I was feeling a little more secure and relaxed that weekend with being engaged. And I didn't want to do anything to ruin it.

April had arrived and the damp rainy season had settled the wind. My church was putting on a Luau, complete with polynesian foods, decor and dancing. The normal "Danielle" would look forward to such an event, but not this new one.

I rolled my eyes to the many requests to attend.

"Just go to have fun, not to meet anyone."

My Mom's persistence paid off, even if just to get her off my back. I gave in and decided to attend this shindig. After all what was one night of misery? I'd gotten quite used to the feeling anyway.

And so I dressed,nice casual, with a pair of black slacks and blouse with giant pink hawaiian flowers dotting it. I made an extra effort and showered, blow drying and flipping out my "just below the chin" hair. I even donned the basics of makeup.
I was ready, for an evening of boredom. I was certain nothing could get me out of this rut.


I could see him through the door way, playing a game of catch. His tall toned body was draped with a red and blue polo shirt and jeans. I had no idea who he was, but I felt the immediate electric current, charge through my veins. Dirty blonde hair, bright blue eyes and that smile, it melted the anxiety away.

The tan blue eyed young man was making his way out of the room now, into the cultural hall, where all the food was. I quietly meandered into the hall and casually munched on some chips.

The music began to blare.

"danielle can you round up some I the people? Were gonna get started".

One of my friends asked.

The truth is I'm not quite sure who gave the request. I nodded and smiled and then headed towards the mystery guy, who was now standing amongst a group of guys.

"Hey! How about we break up all this chit chat. Were about to get started, so if you guys wanna head over there".

I pointed behind me,

"that would be super."

"Is that so? Who made you the boss?"

It was him, the blue eyed guy whom taught my attention. It caught me off guard.

"I did"

I smiled sheepishly, then walked away.



Celeste said…
Excited for more!

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