Love Story Part 3

In a fit of insecurity and second thoughts I decided I had been wrong. I loved him, I must have if suddenly MY: attraction to him was strengthened, our conversations flowed with ease, and the anxiety had completely melted.

I had screwed up. I let some silly fear get in the way, that must have been it!! Why did he seem soo irresistible suddenly if I wasn't meant to be with him??

Once again just days after the break up, I called him up.

"Hey Josh"

"Hey, how was your day?"

"Good. So..I've been thinking."

I heard him swallow hard


"Well, it's just that our conversations have been so good lately."

"Yeah". His voice perked up.

"And well my doubts and fears are completely gone."


"I just don't know what I was thinking because...I love you."

There was a long pause before any answer and I held my breathe. I blew it, I just blew it.

"Are you sure?? Because we don't need to rush things, we can take it one day at a time."

"Josh, I love you and I want to marry you if you will still have me."

"Of course, I do. I love you."

Releif spilled over me. He still wanted to marry the crazy girl that I am. And so I felt confident to go on.

"But there are a few conditions"

"What??" I could hear the catch in his throat.

"We need to set a date and you need to get me a ring. I want to feel like this is actually happening."

"Of course"

I was relieved and excited. I felt sure in my decision. This time, for real, I was getting Josh.



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