Thanksgiving is in Session

Thanksgiving parade in Lansdale.  The kiddos got lots of candy.

The older I get, the more I love Thanksgiving.  I love learning about our American history fromVirginia to Massachusets.  I love counting the things and people in my life that I am grateful for:

I am blessed to have wonderful parents whom I live so close to, who are always there for me, whom I trust forever, who I consider to be friends and examples. 

In preschool we have beein learning about the thanksgiving story through books and crafts.  Here are their pilgrim hats.

I am blessed to be in a country where we are free, can vote for our president and have our freedom of speech.

I am blessed to have so many relatives close by to get together watch parades, share delicious food,  catch up, take walks and play pinochle-even though I'm still not quite sure how to play it. 

Cousins hanging out.

I am blessed to have an adorable family, a hardworking hubby, two sweet girls and the ability to stay at home with them and watch them grow!

I am blessed for comforts and joys that many other people do not have, a home, food, electricity, running water, heat, stock piles of clothes, internet, phones, a television, books, fridge, oven.    

Those feathery hands are the first steps in our thankful turkey.  Those painted hands on the left are Elly's.  She was making a turkey, but turned it into a work of art.  Although she still calls her henadprints turkeys.

I am blessed to have a testimony of the gospel, and that Jesus is our sole redeeming Savior, and that because of him we can all be forgiven. 

I am blessed....and I am thankful.


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