Fall Festivities

These are the wonderful days of fall. The beauty of fiery crimson, gold and orange leaves blowing on the trees. We have been so blessed to experience this lovely weather and the activities associated with the season. This is what we have gotten to check off the list.
-Moonlit hayride
-Dorney Park Fall Festivities
-Carving a Jack O Lantern
-Bonfires (a few)
-Roasting Marshmallows
-Toasted and Eaten Pumpkin Seeds
-Making Applesauce
-Raking Leaves and Jumping in Them
-A Walk in Town to enjoy the leaves
-Read tons of Seasonal books with the girls
-Peddlers Village to check out their scarecrows on display.

Soon to come: trunk or treat at church and trick or treating in town. The girls will all be dressed up in Princessy attire.


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