A Birthday

My Ellyanna turned five today!! That went fast! For breakfast she got to open two gifts, a soccer ball and book. She picked pop tarts and lucky charms for breakfast. My lucky girl will get a trip to the movies with Nonna today. This morning we took a at the old scrap book and talked about her birth story and gazed at the pictures. Ellyanna was 10 weeks early. I was on bed rest a month and a half when my water broke and we rushed to the hospital. She was 3 pounds 14 ounces when she came out. My tiny girl was in the nicu for five weeks before she came home with us. I remember thinking, will she feel like mine? Will this come natural?? The love came and bit by bit until it was intense. I had No idea what I was doing, but bit by bit it became natural. Elly is spirited, sweet, artistic, a dancer, a singer, social butterfly, affectionate, loving, kind, forgiving, wonderful.
I love my sweet girl and am soo happy to have her in my life.


mary said…
Oh five, wow! She is a doll. Knowing you, I am sure you planned one heck of a day! Hope to see you both soon!
Susan Staus said…
aww!! Happy 5th birthday Ellyanna!!!

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