A Fall Birthday Party

The Cooper family just had the best day!!  To save on cash and time we decided to combine the girls birthday parties this year, and to only invite family.  The first day of Fall was very fitting, considering what activities we participated in.  There was of course the usual: Eating, where we enjoyed some chilli cheese dogs, chips, fruit veggies, beer bread..okay seltzer water bread for our family, cupcakes and pumpkin dump cake.  The guys as always played ping pong and lawn darts. And the kids did this:

1) Hayride in our neighbors back yard.  Thank you Kunsmans for allowing us to use your land and wagon!

2) Pumpkin painting/decorating

Elly's work of art

3) Face Painting

What a superific day and you could not beat the breezy beautiful weather! 


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