Some cute lines Elly has said:

"Eeny Meeny Miney Moe.  Catch a tiger by the toe.  That's a funny part Mommy, tigers don't have toes."

"Mom I'm allergic to the paint cuz I keep on achooing!"

"Mommy I have two wishes: to go to grandma's house and to have a heart in my feelings."

Some cute things Brinley has done:

She is singing all the time.  Opening up books pretending to read them, while singing to her hearts delight. 

She actually says thank you, mommy and daddy perfectly now.  

Elly began picking up the chickens and now so does Brinley. 

Yay for Mommy:

I've had such a productive day. We had circle time, some science, math and history lessons and read books with the girls.

I canned some peaches, made a homemade crust that came out perfectly, made a peach pie.  I finished three loads of laundry, did up my hair in forties fashion and straightened up the house oh and washed the kitchen floor, ran two miles and made dinner.  That is a pretty good day!!  

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Andrea said…
Wow woman! If I could have days like that...
You are awesome;O)

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