Kids Say the Darndest Things

I LOVE that Elly played by herself for over an hour in the playroom yesterday, as I straightened up the house.  She was singing, and giggling as she concocted tales of adventure and romance.  I love that her characters were not her ever popular Barbie dolls, but her lincoln log play set.  I walked in and witnessed a line of short and chunky logs standing next to one another in a perfect single file row.
"Are you building something?"  I asked
She shook her head
"No Mommy, these are people."
I nodded and smiled.  What a wonderful gift, Imagination.  I am glad she has the power to narrarate  her own made up stories.  I hope she never loses that.


"I'm a good waiter Mommy." 
Elly was patiently sitting at the kitchen table as I wiped down the counters, then swept the kitchen floor.  I let her help wash the dishes, dry and wipe the counter tops and table, but only once a day-after all she is four.  And she had helped me at lunch time.  Now it was after supper and I only had the floor to sweep.  She chatted away with me, telling which Barbie doll I could be and what stories could happen in our play time. 
"I'm a really good waiter Mommy."
I smile and nod.
"The best." I said as I swept the last bit of dirt into the pail and threw it out.  It was time to play.

I walked into the girls room this morning and saw the cutest site.  Two sweet little girls sitting on the floor.  Both held a book in their hands. Both were telling a story aloud.  One in her precious babbling, the other in her excited wispy words.  I wanted to take a picture, really I did, but my phone is dead and my camera seems to be M.I.A.  It didn't matter because moments later they were up and about. 

I LOVE that Brinley has full conversations with me.  I hardly know what a tenth of the words are, but she freely shares what is on her mind.  I LOVE that whatever Elly is doing, Brinley, wants, NEEDS to do the same.  Whether it is eating, drinking, singing, dancing, playing, reading or telling Mommy and Daddy a story...Brinley must follow and she follows it immediately.  It is soo sweet. 

"Mommy this is wasting my time."  Elly said this as we sang and then went over the alphabet.  If only it were wasting her time.  She still only knows half of the alphabet.  We go over this everyday-I'm about at my wits end!!

"Mommy Remember when we ate at Robin Hood?" My brows furrowed as I wracked my brain for what she really mean. 
" mean Red Robin." 
"Uh huh."she smiled and nodded
"..Red Robin, do you remember that Mommy?"
"Yeah, I think I do."

 Brinley has joined our task in the kitchen clean up.  She pulls up a chair and dips things into the sudsy sink water.  She also LOVES to sweep with the broom and clean with the swifter.  Not much gets clean, but she sure has fun. 

"Mommy boys aren't mailmen....but what are they?" 
I chuckled to myself.
"Boys are male and girls are female.
"Oh boys are male?  And girls are female?"
"Yup. And both can deliver mail if they want to."


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