A Colonial Dinner on the Eve of the Fourth of July

I am tradition person.  In fact I probably over do the tradition thing.  I get excited and make exravagant plans..sometimes it turns out GREAT, while others not so much.   Don't worry, it's actually kinda good, because when some don't pan out, well we try out something new the following year.

 But this tradition....this one is a keeper.

1) Monday is when it began, with reading.  I got some cute books from Barnes N Noble.  They are awesome and simple.  Of course I had to simplify it even more because I have a four year old with an attention span of about 30 seconds.  So we learned in short incriments about the Revolutionary War and how people in the Colonial days lived.  I think I soaked it up just a bit more than the kids.  Seriously sometimes I wish I could start school all over again, I'd be much more interested this time around. 

Tuesday we planned and prepared for a Colonial Dinner by candle light. 

2) The first preparation, make cornstick muffins-got the recipe from the "Colonial Days" book-there is tons of cute activities in there.  The girls did a wonderful job making a mess..I mean helping Mommy.   

3) We continued the quest by searching the garden for a yummy salad of lettuce, beans, onions, carrots and green tomatoes. 

4) We decorated  and set the table...well okay this was moslty me, the girls were playing by then, which is good, since I lit the candles and would not have appreciated any disasters after this. 

I did this Colonial thing the easy, cheating way.  The AC was on, the oven was working and I bought a rotiserre chicken.  Yeah, maybe as the kids get older we'll use a dutch oven over a fire, but for now, while they are young...this works.   

5)  Turn off all the lights and Eat!  The best part!  Sorry no photos, too busy stuffing our faces and sharing fun facts about our freedoms and the Colonial times.  What was for dinner?  Rotiserre Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Beets and onions (from the garden), A Garden Salad, Corn Muffins and Butter.

6) Clean Up Time for Elly and I.

7) Sure we cleaned up already, but a small mess is no big deal, espeically if it involves strawberries and homemade whipped cream.  Mmmmm.



Andrea said…
You are so creative!! I LOVE the new blog design by the way. What a great tradition to have AND a blessing to get your meal from the backyard!

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