Living in the Forties....well sort of

(the girls and I at chick fil a for free food-gotta dress like a cow) For some reason I have recently become obsessed with the forties.  Obessed to the point of: pinning my hair in forties fashion, wearing aprons daily, smearing on red lipstick, adorning myself with pearls (well fake pearls), setting the table in company fashion every night (with table cloths, and garden flowers) Canning, Baking pies like you would not beleive..and from scratch Scaling back on the budget Repurposing things It's been soo fun!  I'm glad I'm living in this day in age, but there are certain things I so admire about the 40's and 50's. Things like, hard work, appreciating the little things, frugality, the fashion, values, neighborliness (thank goodness for our wonderful neighbors) modest living, gratitude and making things from scratch. Sent from my iPhone


Andrea said…
LOVE IT!! I SO wish I could be a 50s housewife!! I love that era for some reason as well. There was something OK with staying home, dolling up and taking care of your family. And the clothes~can you believe we've regressed to sweatpants lol. Aprons huh...I'll keep that in mind;)

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