My Anxiety Story Part 3

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"Let me check your back."  My doctor said.

She was standing behind me as I sat in a chair waiting for the verdict.  It had been a couple of days since my panic attack and I just to hear from a certified MD that I was alright.  I had just poured my heart out to to my doctor explaining the whole painful ordeal, my health and my concern for my fathers'.  Her thumb pressed into the tender spot by my shoulder.  I could feel the hard ball swell with pain. 

"Oh yes, You've got a huge knot right there.  Where it's positioned will effect your back, arm and neck."

I sighed with releif, at least I wasn't going crazy, the pain was real.

"Thank goodness."  I croaked.  "At least I didn't imagine that."

She chuckled and walked to the front of me.

"No your not.  In Med School, we would walk around with stiff necks and our heads tilted to the side.  If your consistent in overusing muscles, they will get strained and tender.  And as far as your anxiety goes, don't be too hard on yourself.  Another thing my friends and I would do in med school was worry.  With every patient we would see there was always a student or two in our group that woud convince themselves that they had the exact same illness and develop the symptons for it."

I nodded and sighed, this was something I knew all too well.  She prescribed for me a good massage and suggested a expert reflexologist.  She also advised that I exercise, eat healthy and find the positive in things.  I smiled and thanked her.  I walked out those doors feeling the relief wash over me.  I felt...better.  At least now I was certain that I was healthy, well...that is, with over-active nerves, and a kink in my back.  These were things I could learn to manage and even rid myself of.  And I could do that right?  

 The question was, how long would my journey back to the old me take.  How long would I have to endure these fierce tightening of muscles, shortness of breathe and feeling of dread? 

To Be Continued....
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