Kids Say The Darndest Things

Quote 1
"This is not gonna be an option for me."  Elly told her friend Braden.  They were rummaging around in the kiddie play house in the backyard.  I'm not quite sure what the conversation was about....I suppose I should listen more intently next time.

Quote 2
"Pretend were married Daddy.  We have to talk like were married okay Daddy?" 
Danny just shrugged and smiled.  He was busy building the chicken coop minding his own, while Elly followed his every move.  She pranced around the yard as if she were busy doing important things and burst out with the words.
"Oh Honey?  Honey, what are you doing here Honey?"  

 I don't recall using the word Honey that often with Danny....but then again I must be, otherwise why would she think wives call their husbands Honey? 

Quote 3
"I love you Jesus.  I'm looking out the window, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh!!" 
This was a time that Elly was helping clean the windows. She belted out the words in some fancy tune. Every action turns into a merry song right?  Well it does if your Ellyanna!


Quote 1

"I want cat-ker"  Translation: cracker

Actions of The Day that we LOVE

Laying out her blanket on the floor, and her laying down while sticking her butt out and breathing in the ribbon butterflies attatched to her blankie.

Her funky dance moves that consist of twisting her waist back and forth and bobbing up and down. 

When she runs, she runs with purpose, swinging her arms firmly by her side as if she is a professional jogger.

And Something I WASN'T a fan of. 

The utter meltdown/temper tantrum she had at Dorney Park.  I mean this was like a twenty minute kicking and screaming and arching her back like a mad woman, ordeal.  All because she wanted to go on a ride that she could  not.  I kept thinking...someone is going to think that I am trying to  kidnap this child...I hope they can see she looks like me.  Not fun, needless to say we left Dorney early-thank goodness for Season Passes. 


How adorable!!! I loved the "pretend we're married" one. :) kids are so funny!
Danielle said…
Oh yes they are an adventure within itself. Joy and tears, screaming and spills. I love em.

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