Y is for Yellow

Today in Preschool we celebrated the color yellow and the letter Y. 

-We went on a yellow hunt in the living room.

 - We made a collage of yellow and colored and traced the letter Y

-In the spirit of Easter, we went on an Easter Egg Hunt.  Sorry I failed to take pictures of the girls- I was too busy helping the Brinsters find her eggs.

- We played a matching game- in which the only matches were the letter Y.  We also named all the other letters we saw.  I need to do better with this.  The other girls know their letters and Elly, well not so much.  I blame this entirely on myself.  I've taught her sentences, but not letters-a little backwards I know.  So last week we began quizzing her on letters too. It shall be a long on going task I am sure of it.


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