A Family Date on Charity

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I have to admit I have really gotten caught up in all these dates.  I appreciate the challenge of trying to make these activities a real experience.  This is fun and good, but I've realized that I need to make sure I focus on something better.  With the Easter Holiday fast approaching, I can't help but think of the true reason for joy.  If it were not for the saving grace and death of the Savior Jesus Christ there would be no peace to come.  And because of what he has done for us, we can find peace in this life as well.  There will be a special Easter Date in the Cooper home this Sunday morning before church.  And I hope our little Elly will recognize the true meaning for this celebration. 
   Now, since General Conference, I have been able to reflect and repent a little in our lack of commitment in having true Family Home Evening.  I'm consistent with our dates, but have been missing the most important piece to the puzzle.  I need to share, teach and show the love of Christ to my children and husnand.  I feel I have been pretty bad at this.  Maybe it's my new obssession with the internet, allowing it take over my time, or my lack of patience for my girls, and the immense pressure I put upon myself for keeping such a messy home.  But I think it's a combination of this.  Anywho, with a new charisma and outlook at life, I'm ready to start over, change and do  REAL family home evenings-ones that teach the gospel and invite the spirit.  And so with that, I set off for our first REAL family home evening in about six months.  The lesson was Chairty and this is what we did.
1)  Prayer
2) Song: Book of Mormon Stories

3) In MOPS we were given bottles to fill up with change.  This change goes to a nearby hospital to help young mothers who do not have means to help their babies.  This will provide these Mothers with training as well as material needs for their newborns.
4) We watched the video of the Good Samaritan at:
5) Talked about what it means to be a charitable and how we can be good neighbors.  We came up with this:  Elly would help Mommy do extra chores and then in return she would be payed some change money.  This change would be put into the bottles to help the mommies and babies that need it.

6) Write a letter to our mailman.  I have to be honest I forgot to give anything to the mail man for Christmas-I know I'm horrible, so I thought maybe a letter of apreciation and ten bucks-I know not a lot- would help him know we are grateful for all his hard work. 
It was a wonderful evening and the spirit was strong and present.  What do you do for Family Home Evening?


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