Don't Be A Chicken

Is it just me or are the weeks getting shorter? Not necessarily the days, because let's be honest, sometimes a minute can seem forever, like when a certain toddler is having a rolling on the ground having melt down.  Then again, a good day can whizz right before my eyes, like the weekend.  This past weekend seems like a lovely distant memory, even though it was only 48 hours ago.  We celebrated an early Easter with the Cooper grandparents.  Our time was filled up with walks with the nieces and our kiddos, feeding the chickens, swinging on the porch swing, filling up on sweets and steak, an Easter Egg Hunt and cable TV.

We also caught a bit of General Conference when the sessions were on, though I have to admit I only caught a few of the talks.  My mom will be so disappointed in me-yet not so surprised because we do this every General Conference.  For those of you wondering what on earth General Conference is: well our church has a gathering of sorts every six months that includes special speakers namely, latter day prophets whom talk of Christ, rejoice in Christ and believe in Christ.  It's a wonderful time to remember and recognize we have a Savior who loves us and that we should be striving to humble ourselves and be less judgemental, more forgiving and serve those around us.  If you would like to check it out you can do what Danny and I do-watch installments of the 10 hour ordeal on a nightly basis A talk a night with discussion has become a wonderful tradition for us.  And one that I plan on sharing with our daughters with us for some family dates these next couple of weeks.

So here it is, Check It Out:

Anytime we go over the river and through the woods to the Grandparent Coopers, Danny is more and more eager to acquire his own chickens complete with fancy coop.  So what does this mean?  It means that we will probably be getting three chickens this summer.  Danny plans on building his own specially designed coop.  We have lots of plans for the back yard, transfer our herbs from pot to ground, add more raspberry bushes, plant strawberries, expand our garden and raise the beds.  To be truthful, Danny will be doing the bulk of this-he enjoys gardening.  But I do plan on having a Family Date gardening with Daddy, more than just one night.  So I suppose you will be learning about our chicken adventures in the future.  Have a Super Day!


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