A Valetnine Murder Mystery Party

Hanna and Harry Heart are a legend in the town of Amorville. They both grew up there and turned into the town's most popular and enviable high school sweethearts as the All-Star Cheerleader & State Champion Quarterback! They wed soon after high school and today, Hanna's a beautiful NFL cheerleader and Harry's a talented Quarterback for the St. Louis Lambs! The Hearts travel to Amorville often to see their family and friends and have made it a tradition to host a Valentine's Day soiree in Amorville. This year, they hosted their party at the wonderful Sollar's home- in the heart of downtown Amorville. As soon as their guests arrived, they mingled with yummy appetizers and quizzed each other on Famous Couples trivia questions while catching up on the latest juicy gossip. Hanna got the party going with some fun Valentine's Day spirited games such as the Romantic Movie Challenge. Hanna served a delectable dinner and to everyone's shock... a victim collapsed to their death! The guests rallied together to figure out whodunit before the police arrived! Only stopping to break the intensity of the investigation with some hilarious games, the guests pressed on and filtered through information they gathered from the suspects! Hanna's older brother, being the lead forensic investigator in Amorville, performed a preliminary forensic investigation. The guests quickly used this valuable information to submit their best guess of whodunit to Hanna. Once everyone was certain they had chosen the right suspect, they took turns accusing each other and then to everyone's amazement, the murderer confessed! Overall, it was Hanna and Harry's most memorable party!

Please arrive at 7:00 sharp, as we cannot start Hanna and Harry's Valentine's Day soiree until everyone arrives.

You will receive more instructions when you arrive about how the evening will run. Please try to stay in character until the end. You can talk about other topics that don't pertain to the murder mystery, but just stay in character, it will be fun!

See you on Friday evening!

We had a blast last month, attending our first Murder Mystery Dinner.  I wasn't sure what to expect or how one was to solve such a mystery, but let me hint to you, that the further you get into one of these dates the more you learn.  As a game like this goes by, you handed clues about your character as well as others, pay people off for retreiving information and eat lots of yummy food in the process.
Everyone had a part, cooky, quiet, dramatic, demanding, and we all dressed our parts.  Danny and I were avid hunters.  Aren't we stylish in our outfits.
In the End we all won!  Most of us guessed the correct killer, and we received prizes for best costumes, acting, and I beleive we should have given out prizes to the cooks and decorators.  Everyone brought an item of food to share, but Catherine did the bulk of the cooking and Heidi decoarted and offered up her lovely home.  What good clean fun, well minus the killing. ;-)


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