V is for Voyage- A voyage to Ireland

In preschool today we went on a voyage, a voyage to Ireland, in honor of Saint Patrick's Day.  We learned about the Saint Patrick of Ireland and enjoyed a ship voyage there.  Here is what we did, minus the regular word matches, letters, and songs.

1) Found PA and Ireland on the world globe.
2) Prepared for our trip with supplies.
A maginfying glass, money, and compass

3) Went on a voyage learning to set sails, row, navigate and steer.
Elly setting the sails

Row, row row your boat

gently down the sea

Our Captain Kelsey is steering for us.  It was a treacherous journey, there was sharks, big waves, lots of rocking and our sail fell down, which Maren quickly retreived and set back up.

4) Arrived in Ireland!  We looked at pictures, and read a book about Ireland.
Love this simple, easy, but very informative book on everything you need to know about Saint Patty's Day.

5) Painted shamrocks and traced the letter V and number 1 on them.
Elly's letter V.  She did a great job of tracing her letter and number and then promptly painted the whole shamrock, as did the other girls.

Everyone hard at work

6) Went on a shamrock search

7) Planted a potatoe in water
Iwill hold onto this potatoe and the girls can see how much it's grown the next time I teach preschool.


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