V is for Volcanoe and Vacation

In preschool we took a vacation to Hawaii today where we could witness a volcano.  Here is what we did today.

 1) Have a relay race, filling our backpacks with items for our trip to Hawaii
2) Made Binoculars so we could see the Volano from afar

3) Climed a mountain (the couch cushions) and viewed a volvano (a scenic mountainview picture in our living room. We talked about lava and how crazy hot it is.
4) Watched some youtube videos of volcanos erupting.

5) Made a homemade volcano and watched it erupt

6) Traced the letter V, as well as find the words that begin with the letter V on the wall

7) Played outside-its' beautiful today

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So glad you stopped by and left a comment. I always love finding new people to "meet." I added your blog to my Google reader. I look forward to reading!!
Danielle said…
thank you! I enjoy reading your blog too! I definitely knew that courtney would be pciked on the bachelor. Enjoy your posts!
Dawn said…
What great V activities.
Blessings, Dawn
Phyllis said…
Great volcano fun! That last photo is adorable!
Ticia said…
Climbing a mountain of couch cushions is always fun!

Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!

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