A Sweet Micro Date

Our themed date this week "How Sweet it is to be loved by you"
What a delicious time we had. How to have a "sweet" date.
1) See that funny looking black piece of paper with red stripes on it? Well that was our tic tac toe board. And we didn't play just any kind of tic tac toe. We played with chocolate truffles milk chocolate and dark. Danny was blue and I was brown-because brown is dark chocolate and that is my absolute favorite!!
2) Sip on some hot cocoa. Side note: hot cocoa is even more delectable with chocolate truffles in them.
3) Play Candyland. But make up your own cards. For example we each got eight cards- four were good things that would allow you to move forward in the game
ex: you gave your hubby a back scratch move ahead three spaces OR you washed the dishes for your wife, move ahead five spaces.
And four were bad ex:
You tracked mud in the house or you served a burnt supper. You get the idea. It was a very telling and funny game.
4) Don't let your kids crash the party. Ellyanna joined us on our date, although it was cute and she is quite adorable I do need that one on one time with the hubby! Though she was quite excited for a date was not invited too. :-)
This is the very reason I have made "family dates". Side note: we did have a "Switzerland" theme family date complete with two meals. I shall blog about it tomorrow.
PS sorry I had more pictures but do to technical difficulties all you are getting today is one pic.


Andrea said…
Danielle you are so creative! You are such a "wonder woman"!:)
Danielle said…
Oh thanks Andrea! Of course I only tell you all the "good" stuff about me here, ya know? No need to tell you my house is Never clean or that I sometimes forget to start dinner till 10 minutes before we are supposed to eat.

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