Spring is Here!!

Oh how I love fresh cut flowers, it makes my home feel elegant and sophisticated. 
Good Morning Brinley!  She loves the swing, though she is getting sort of big for it.

I am so grateful for the simple joys in life, a smile, fresh cut flowers, comfort food, a good book.  And right now I am grateful for one wonderful spring day!  What a blissful fresh day of seventy degree weather.  A perfect reason to peruz the back yard and countryside.  This is what we did with our day.
One of my favorite simple joys-chocolate butterscoth bread pudding
The morning sky from our back yard.
My parent's neighbors!  The girls loved watching them neigh and gallop within their fence.
My parents garden, it's nice and big and not exactly ready for planting this spring.
Brussel sprouts from last year-they are green again, looks like they've got some life to them.
Elly and Nonna
Nonna and Brinley
A family car wash.  Elly in the mist of waters.
Elly, ready to tackle the van, and get it clean
Elly hard at work-yes she earns her keep
Danny pruning the apple tree
The Brinsters roaming the yard
Elly picking daffodils


Catherine H. said…
Oh, I love Spring too. Thanks for focusing on some of the greatest things in life!

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