Sick of Being Sick

“I don’t feel good.”  Elly moaned as we were getting ready to eat supper.  I didn’t think much of this.  After all, how many times have I heard this same complaint when she didn’t want to eat something, clean something, or get dressed?   Too many to count, yet Danny allowed her to go lie down on the couch.  Minutes later she lay there conked out in a deep sleep.  We ate our Puerto Rican Meal, Danny picked up from a little shop in downtown Bethlehem, and it was delicious.  All was well, I ran to the store and came back just in time.  Just in time to watch Elly stir from her coma like sleep and spew pink throw up all over the couch. 

That was the beginning of a long night.  Countless blankets and sheets were changed and washed through those dark hours.  My poor little girl was soon dry heaving and throwing up stomach acid. “I don’t like this; I don’t want to be sick.”  Elly pleaded with me.  All I could do was rub her back and stroke her hair as she continually vomited into her trash can.  It was midnight when Brinley roused from her sleep and left a heaping brown mess in her crib.  That was about the time Elly began to settle and fall asleep.  Round two hit and I was now busy with tending to and changing the clothes, sheets and blankets of my hurling one year old.  And then one AM hit.  A sinking, dizzying spell churned inside me.  I found myself rushing to the toilet in time to deliver up my dinner. 

               I was summoned to the couch for the remaining night.  Brinley and I shared the makeshift bed of pillows and blankets.  Every time she made a choking sound I would lift her up and put her head over to a big silver pot where she would throw up the remains of liquid and half processed food.   Every time my head spun and stomach swirled with sweet uneasiness, I made a bee line for the toilet.  It wasn’t till about four AM that I decided Brinley and I felt good enough to return to our designated beds.  What a relief to comfortably sleep without worrying about smothering a one year old with every turn I made.     

The next morning was a blur of exhaustion, unsettled bellies and bouts of vertigo.  Elly took numerous short naps; on the couch, in my arms and on our bed-but not before throwing up on my newly cleaned quilt and sheets.  Brinley took two naps that made up four hours.  We were simply shuffling around like zombies. 

By the next morning-Thursday- I thought everyone would be better.  I hadn’t expected to wake up at 6 AM to Elly’s screams, and another liquid surprise in her bed.  Thankfully it was only water she threw up, however this didn’t help with my overwhelming laundry pile in the basement.  The poor girl, she didn’t want to be sick.  She wanted to play with her friends and have a party-she made several requests for these two things.  And so I tried to make up for this.  And break the boring sick cycle. 

We busied ourselves with drawing, learning letters, playing memory games and having a picnic outside.  I took a walk with the girls, since it was such a gorgeous day.  They both fell asleep on our travels.  By the afternoon, things were looking up and no one was throwing up.  The girls played, Elly helped me clean and I’m praying we are out of this sick phase!!


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