Kids Say The Darndest Things

"Danielle, I have this great idea that will save you a lot of money!!". Bridget exclaimed as she walked through the door.
"Okay, what is it?"
She rummages through her book bag and pulls out a cardboard version of what looks like sandals.
"They're slippers! I made them! I was looking through this kids magazine and I thought what the heck, I'll give it a try. They are really easy to make.".
She slipped them on and walked about the room. One of the paper latches broke.
"Do you have any tape I can use?" she headed for the kitchen for some tape to reconnect her laces. Unfortunately I only have duck tape, which doesn't seem to stick very well. Oh man, there goes my idea for cardboard slippers!
So, yeah, if anyone is looking for a creative cheap way to obtain slippers here they are. Side note: I am not sure if they are very comfortable but


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