A Little Spring Cleaning

It is March!  Spring is just around the corner.  I love this season, it’s a time when the weather warms up, flowers begin to blossom and we get ambitious about doing some spring cleaning.  Yes that’s right, spring cleaning- I know you are all anticipating and dreading the ordeal.   Thankfully, my fellow blogger friend, Lori, has written an eBook, to help take the stress away.  I don’t know about you, but when I take a look around the house about this time of the year I am sort of disgusted.  With the whole family being cooped up in our little cape cod, life gets messy.  And even with promises to minimize my life, more stuff seems to be creeping into our humble abode, faster than I can get rid of!!  Does anyone else feel this way?  Do you feel like there is suddenly no time to take care of this problem?  Okay, so I definitely feel this way.  Something MUST be done! Enter a new Ebook:3-2-1 Stop You can check out the link on the authors website.


               Seriously guys, I read the book and plan to re-read it, because it is way good.  I want a simple life and what better way to seek one than to get advice from a girl who has already been there!! The wonderful Lori has done it!  She downsized from a 2,000 square foot home to 900 square feet, by choice!!  I know most of us are looking to increase our home, not scale down.  But she did it, and is much happier now than before.  It is all about what is truly important in your life, your stuff or your time.   And guess what, Lori is allowing me to give away 3 eBooks!!  Not just one, not just two, but THREE!!!  Can you believe it!?!  She has a book deal already, so consider yourself one lucky gal if you if you win one!  I want to give these copies away, so if you want a chance to her book, you must do one of two things-or both-really your chances are better if you do both ;-)  1) Comment here and tell me why you deserve this book.  What do you desperately need to change in your life?  AND 2) if you are not publicly following me already, then please do!!  If you are, then by all means, really, please get a friend of yours to follow me!  Then you will both be in the running to win.  Side note: Just mention to me which friend it is. 

I will be picking my winners in two ways: 1st) will be your reasons-I will pick two whom have the best reasons for needing change in their life and  2nd)  will be whomever has decided to publicly follow me or has gotten a friend to publicly follow me.  C’mon people!  Who doesn’t love free stuff!!- Especially helpful free stuff.  So please get crackin!!


Samantha said…
My husband and I have an atrocious amount of debt, and it's all because of stuff we think we need... He was jobless for a few weeks last year and since that time we have been just barely staying afloat. So many times when I am making my shopping list of 'needs', I have to step back and question if I really 'need' what I think I do. I fear we are at risk of becoming a 'typical suburban family', and the 'Joneses' remain forever out of our reach! I need to change my headspace!
Danielle said…
That sounds like a great reason Sammantha! It is so easy to get in the habit of spending beyond our paychecks. Thank you for your submission!

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