Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

      Hey There.  I hope you had a fabulously Irish day!  We were busy this week making everyone green with envy.  Here are some acitivities that helped us to feel fresh and green!

1) Some green pancakes please!!

2) Shamrock Shakes with oreos

3) Green Cake with Green Frosting

4) Sheperd's Pie-a hearty Isrish Meal

5) Play hide the Shamrock-the hot, and cold game


Mindy said…
I bet you "traveled" to Ireland yesterday :). Thanks for your comments! I was reading that the reason we wear green on St. Patrick's Day is because it rains a ton in Ireland so every thing is beautiful and green. And because of the rain there's also lots of rainbows. And St. Patrick taught his people about the trinity of God using 3 leaf clovers! You probably already knew all that, but I thought it was fascinating and so fun to teach our kids. Hope you have a great week Danielle!!
Danielle said…
Yes we had a fun Irish week! And we got out a great book at the Library that told us all those Fun facts. A trip to Ireland was actually at preschool. I participate in a prescool co op, it is a ton of fun. And I got to teach this week so we went to Ireland in shcool!

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