A French Dinner & Parisian Micro Date

The votes are in: A trip to Paris is in order!  Without haste, I got to work whippping up a french meal for our family.  One that consists of white fish soup, (a bisque of blended thyme, potatoes, onions white fish-I used talapia- and more!) a scaled down version of Coq Au Vin (chicken, tomatoes, thyme, onions, carrots, wine etc,) , french style green beans, a baugette and french cheese. 

Coq A Vin has bacon and carrots in it, which I did not use, due to forgetting to pick these items up at the store :-/    I substitued the wine with sparkling grage juice

our french cheese: made in America

We don't drink wine, so we went with the next best thing
Bon Apetit!
What's dinner without dessert?  Chocolate Eclairs anyone?

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An evening micro date on a street cafe in France.  It looks exactly like that right?  Well maybe not so, I was going for that look though.

The first part of our date-being in the city of love and art, we painted portraits of one another.

They look like twins oui?

A spitting image of me.  Crazy hair do and all!

Danny hard at work on his masterpiece
The next acitivity in the city of love, was to write one another love letters, with a twist.  I wrote a bunch of french words and cut into strips.  Each of us picked ten french words-we didn't know what they meant-we don't speak french.  The rule was to use all ten french words in our love letters.
It was pretty hilarious and sweet reading these letters aloud.  First we read the letters without the knowledge of what the french words meant.  Danny's made my heart melt.  Then we searched out the defineitions and put them in their proper place.  We re read our love letters which now sounded absurd and funny.
We ended the night with some hot cider and chatting.  I'm not sure if cider is a french thing, but I was in the mood for it.

It was a wonderful romantic evening.  We are definitley visiting France again!!


Julie and Amos said…
So creative! I love this date!
Danielle said…
Thanks! Whipping up a Saint Parricks Day date for this week.

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