A Family Date in Switzerland

Over the weeked we had a family date in Switzerland.  Well okay, maybe not "in" Switzerland, but we imagined and pretended and this is what we did!

1) Have a Swiss Meal: A Swiss Mushroom and Barley soup, soaked in bread. 

2) Wait till the next day to continue your family date so you can have a big bonfire in the back yard and munch on smores.  Start off the next morning with a delicous breakfast.  Museli (yougurt, dried fruit, fresh fruit and oats) and some chocolate covered strawberries.  And don't forget the truffles!  Switzerland is known for its chocolate!

3) Map Out the Destination and Make the Flag

4) Do some yodeling and play the Matter horn.  We YouTubed the Matter horn and then played some dollar store horns.

5) Climbed the Swiss Alps

Where are you going to take your next family vacation?


Roni said…
What a fun way to spend your day as a family.. thanks for the tip. We travel allot with our kids but an important part of that is talking about the destination at home before the trip.. anyway, as for Switzerland if you decide to take that trip don't miss Interlaken region - here is a recent review of Castle Oberhofen.. http://bit.ly/y3xYbb
Danielle said…
Thanks Roni, thats really awesome that you get travel as a family. As of right now for us, our trips are lImited to camping on the east coast of the US and these family "dates". But it is a dream-one we will shall have tosave up for!! Checked out you website-way cool!!

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