Declutter The Distractions in Life


          Danny and I are slowly attempting to de clutter our lives.  Are you doing the same?  Do you need a little help with this?  There is still time to win the free ebook by Lori Lippincott.  you can check out her website at or her book at
The contest ends the 21st of March, so you still can submit your entry.  How do you do this?  One of two things-or both- 1) Publicly follow me-really I would love this, please!  and 2) Write a comment below why you derserve this free ebook.  I have read it and loved it.  I am on the path to truly decluttering all aspects of my life.

Continually I am cleaning out and getting rid of "stuff" from closets, drawers, cabinets.  It is an ongoing job.  We are also attempting to create a little less distraction and noise in our lives.  We don't have cable, but we have a converter box, which we unplugged this week.  We found ourselves lurking over to the tv for breakfast, dinner, and evening activivites.  This is why we started our eveing tradition for the girls that consist of: bath, read little house series, read scriptures, brush our teeth, say prayers, put kids to bed.  But we would still watch tv before and after this.  Bed time for us adults began to creep into the later hours.
Every morning the news would be flicked on, and those flashes of light and cover stories would enthrall us all.  The girls would consume and spill cereal on the couch, and half the time our prayer would be said over a babbling television   It was not what  I really wanted, the mess or the distractions.  And I knew in my heart that Heavenly Father would not appreciate our lack of humblness in our hearts when we said our prayers.  It has been a good thing, eating breakfast at the table as a family, saying prayers for all of us to hear and ponder.  It has been nice to discuss our plans for the day and chat about life and goals together.

 Sometimes life gets to be a blur and it is necessary to take a step back.  I am certainly not perfect at this-as you can tell from story above.  I have plenty more to de clutter from my life and replace with sustainable, peaceable activities.  I own an iphone, which is most definietly my biggest addiction.
  Having the internet at your fingertips is not always the best thing.  It is a temptation that I have a very hard time withstanding.  This will be my next goal, to rid myself of  a powerfully strong distraction.  I am already feeling the effects of no tv.  I am less irritable and kinder to the kids when I don't have a big colorful blob sucking me into it's story.  I've come to realize that quiet is good. 
How about you?  Are there things in your life taking you away from the real part of your life?  DO you feel overwelmed?  By all means share!  It could change your life!!



Andrea said…
Ok, I thought the first picture WAS decluttered LOL. It looked pretty good to me so kudos for improving beyond that;) I know how you feel...spring cleaning feels so liberating! Seriously, how did we ever get so much JUNK!!
Jnguyen said…
I didnt think the before picture was that bad either. I am afraid to open some of the closets in my house . I need to get rid of junk I have.
Danielle said…
Thanks guys-you should come to my house when everyone has torn it apart. You should come over to see that-because there is no way I'll posting those pics up!! :-)
Catherine H. said…
You are an inspiration! I definitely need to work the "magic" in my home. Thanks for being a great example.

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