Sicky Sick

Not much of a blog post today. Ellyanna has been crying all weekend about her throat hurting and claiming she could not hear from her right ear. This of course caused me to feel an enormous amount of guilt because I was frustrated with all the crying. I would attempt to cuddle her but after sporadic melt downs she would be summoned to her room.
Yesterday afternoon my glands began to swell and ache, my back and legs felt woozy and it killed to swallow my own spit. I began to empathize for Elly BIG TIME!! I felt miserable. I "NyQuilles" it, and gave the girls tylenol. There was not much sleep last night. I must've woken up four times due to Ellyanna wanting a drink, having to go to the bathroom and not feeling well. Finally she joined Danny and I in bed.This poor girl, I could only imagine how she felt, because sleeping for yours truly was tortuously painful. It hurt to move, swallow, lie down.
Well I took her to the doctors today only to find out that Ellyanna had a 102 degree fever, strep throat and an ear infection in her right ear. Yep, I'm a miserable excuse of a mother. I yelled at the poor girl when she was sick as a dog.
In addition I also went to the doctors and have strep as well. Let's hope for a better day tomorrow. :-/


Sorry to hear that. Hope you guys feel better soon.

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