Scatter Sunshine

 Scatter Sunshine today: to someone who needs a smile, a hug, a compliment.  Make a person's day bright with encouragement or a simple act of service.  Have you had the opportunity to serve as of late?  I have been praying for such things and have been blessed to do so.  If you think service simply means donating money to a specific charity, well you need to expand your horizons.  Time is best thing to give away, it is also sometimes the most inconvenient.
   Time is precious and fleeting, we all try to not waste a single drop of this golden gift, so sometimes when a friend calls for a favor it seems easier to say no.  I have wonderful friends for examples, people who have taught me to take the time and truly make something of it.  God has also molded me and continues to shape me into what I should be with service opportunities.  They are always simple, but profound.
   I have the blessing of being at home with my girls so when a friend has an appointment, I am available to watch their little ones for a few hours.  My husband and I have the convenience of owning two cars, so on Sundays when going to church we are able to drive a few families who have no mode of transportation.
  These moments have really opened my eyes to the many luxuries I have in my life.  They are simple, yet sometimes inconvenient.  Getting ready a little earlier for church with two kids takes more preparation.  Watching other peoples kiddos when I have  a busy schedule can be a bit nerve wracking.  Yet these small feats are completely rewarding.  That comforting cozy feeling in my chest when I am doing something good beams throughout me.  Gratitude grows within my heart and I want to do more.  I hope you get your chances to find joy in the simple acts of service.  I'd love to hear about them.
Have You Done Any Good In The World Today? Have you...
-made a meal for a friend or stranger
-given a ride to someone in need
-wrote a letter to someone in need of comfort
-prayed for a person who needs comfort.
-called someone who needs lifting up
-helped a friend clean a home
-baked some goodies to share
-pay for someone's tolls, hot cocoa, groceries, gas, parking toll
-listened to a friend or family who needs a good ear
-shared your stories to those who can learn from you
-visit someone whom is sick, in the hospital or at home
The opportunities are limitless!

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Catherine H. said…
What a great reminder! We need to count our blessings and remember how richly blessed we are. Thanks.

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