S is for Soup, Snowman and Snowflakes

Oh I love preschool and all the fast creative ideas that pour into my head last minute.  I come up with the usual things and then an hour before class is in session a zillion different games and learning ideas creep into thoughts.  Here is what we did today.  Many of them were last minute visions that floated into my brain.
Today we:
-Sang and acted out "Once there was a Snowman"

Our Snowman Race consisted of who could dress the fastest
-Had a "turn into a snowman" race
-Played Whisper down the lane-introducing the word "secret" and whispering numerous "S" words down the lane.  Hilarious the words and phrases they would end up with.
-Made some "S" soup-think stone soup

What made our soup?  stickers, swords, snowman, smiles, star, snowflakes, shoe, sticks, shovel, snow globe, stamps, sunglasses and straws
-Made snowflakes
-Found the letter "S" and words that began with the letter "S"

This is Maren's lovely S's
-Played a fun "memory" game with two decks of aplhabet flashcards I bought at the dollar store.  You gotta love the dollar store.  Obviously I didnt use the two massive decks, but rather picked a couple letters with an empahsis on the letter "S"  The girls had fun playing.
Isn't preschool fun and relaxed and MESSY!!  But I truly enjoy it, and the girls do too.


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