Q is for Queen and Quarter

      Preschool was this week.  I have decided that instead of giving you my same ole boring outline, I would touch on a few of the favorite things we did. 
1) Finding the Upper and Lower Case Q's.  I threw up a bunch of words on the wall, most of them beginning with the letter q.  The girls took turns dressing up as queens, then pulling off the words that begin with an upper case, and then lower case q.
2) Drawing a big and little q in baking flour with their hands.
3)Making Queen Puppets
4)Counting out Quarters.  Each girl got a hand full of change, which they had to seperate the quarters from the pennies and nickels and dimes.  Then they had the count thier quarters.  In the end, we put all thier quarters together and counted till we got to 17 quarters.
5)Making the number 17 out of pipe cleaners, then decoarting the paper with 17 stickers
6)Talk about the weather with my handy dandy weather book
7)Have a Tea Party-cuz every queen loves tea time!


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