Well here it is HUMP day....and I have come to a conclusion.  I have been eating terrible! Since like, oh I dont know HALLOWEEN, the madness hasnt stoppped!!  Excuses keep forming in my brain and growlings in my belly worsen. Thoughts of creamy chocolate frosting would always destroy the resolution before it even started.  So here I am, intentionally putting it out there for EVERYONE to hold me accountable.  I accept the challenge!  What challenge am I talking about? 
       THE ONE WEEK CHALLENGE!!  Hey you gotta start somewhere and I am in no condition to make a ONE MONTH CHALLENGE quite yet.  What does this challenge consist of?  I'm glad you asked, here it is.

-No Eating Junk Food or Sweets of ANY kind
-One Meal a Day that is just chalked FULL of veggies
-No Eating After 6pm

Anyone care to join me?  C'mon it'll be fun!  Maybe....well at least it is just a week-for starters.  I figure that if I can commit to one week, then I can commit to a week and a day, and two days and so forth.  My wish is to be a health food junkie a year from now.  Any tips?  Suggestions?  Recipes?  Bring it On!


Nikki said…
Wow good for you!!! Good luck!
Danielle said…
Thanks! I stocked up on yogurt and light popcorn for my desserts!

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