Well I just know that you are all did the ONE WEEK CHALLENGE go?  You know the challenge which involves no sweets for a week and a veggie filled meal.  Well....I have a confession to make.  I had a blip of a mistake, involving the evening of superbowl and  ice cream sundaes.  So yes, I have proved to myself  and my husband that I did not have the strength to go a whole week. Back to the drawing board. must know that, despite that fifteen minutes of weakness, the rest of week I held strong and true to the committment.  Healthy lunches, yogurt desserts and light popcorn took the place of cookies, chips and chocolate buttercream frosting.  Side note:  It's bad, seriously, when I am at home and there is powdered sugar, butter,  cocoa powder and a bit of milk.....well you can be sure that after lunch I am whipping up some frosting and smearing it on whatever I can. 
        I must admit to myself and all of you, that my body as a whole felt healthier.  My stomache wasn't bloated, my belly didn't hurt and heart burn was non existent.  Soo.....I plan on continuing this challenge, with a cheat once a week.  In addtion to recommitting to this, Danny has dared me to not eat chocolate for two weeks.  I chuckled and told him this would be easy :-/       Of course it wont be, and he knows it, but I'm thinking that my belly will be much happier with me in the end.  And so now that I'm in my 30's, well almost 31, I suppose this is the new me.  I can't go around eating whatever looks good anymore.  I can't be destructive with my body.  I HAVE to change.  Because I'm no spring chicken anymore, and the truth of the matter is I have parents with high cholestorol, who are not over weight, so yeah I need to break the habit now. 


You are a better woman than I and sorry to be the one to lead you into temptation.
CTR Mama said…
Really? In time for Valentine's Day? Anna wants to celebrate that day with a chocolate party! Good luck--I know you can do it!
The Murdocks said…
Wow Danielle, that is a good challenge! I get really crabby and angry when I don't get my sweets. I like the yogurt idea. There are a lot of good flavors out there that I could substitute a dessert with. Good luck and thanks for the tips!!!
Danielle said…
Thank you guys! Yes having no chocolate will be rough during Valentines Day, but I shall find a way to survive! Maybe some special vanilla gourmet cupcake will do the trick. No matter, I'm ready to prove to Danny that I am NOT the weakest link. ;-)

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