A micro date woktok style

      Well Danny and I had a splendid micro date last night.  In going with the theme of an Asian style date, I collected and bought
-conversation hearts
- chopsticks
-egg rolls
-woktok messages. Go to the dating divas site for printable versions of this

Our race to collect the most hearts was fun, and some work, my hand

 It all began with a game of hearts. No, not the card game, but rather a race: to collect as many hearts in our individual bowls.  How did we collect our conversation hearts?  Not with our hands silly, with our chopsticks.  (Thank you MOPS for the great idea!)  Whom ever has the most hearts in their bowl by the time the pile of candy is depleted is the winner.  And Danny was the winner-he's always the winner isn't he?  I seriously have a hard time holding chopsticks. 
     Next we moved onto the food, our favorite!  While we chomped on our egg rolls we discussed how our evenings went, and then moved onto the next game.  Woktok is a bunch of funny words that sound like popular phrases.  The object of the game, obviously is to figure out what the chopped up words sound like.  For example: Whole League How transates to Holy Cow
Got it?  This was a lot of fun.  A couple of them stumped us for a bit, but eventually the phrases became clear. 

I have no printer, so I had to write out the woktok
And this was our micro date for the evening.  Short, sweet, and to the point, not to mention a lot of fun.  Tell me with Valentines Day fast approaching what do you have in mind to do for your hubby, children, nieces, nephews, parents, siblings?


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