A Mexican Micro Date

    Last night Danny arrived home to see a prettified table with some delectable treats.  Ole!  It was time for a Mexican Night.  There is nothing like munching on tortilla cips, salsa, and guacomole.  Of course we needed something to sip on, so naturally I made pina coladas, with whipped cream and a cherry.

Let the Games Begin!
I looked up some "Mexican" games online and found a drinking game.  Side Note: We don't consume alcohol, and yes our pina coladas were virgin.  Despite the fact we don't drink I thought it might be fun to learn this game.  It involved two dice, sipping drinks and keeping score.  After one round we were ready for something different Enter: Mexican Train!  It's an addictive Dominoes game that we adore and play often.

Yeah, not sure how to turn it.  It's any surprise I can even blog.
When we were finished with this, we were onto a quick transition game called "Steal The Sombrero"  It is meant for a bigger group than two, but I like to improvise.   And improvise I did, seeing that we don't own a printer I drew out my best Sombrero (hey I never claimed to be an artist) and Elly and I colored them.  You tape your lil Sombreros to your back.  The object of this game is to pull the other person's sombrero before they get yours.  So of course Danny won this time and time again.  

Our last and final treat of the night was to head upstairs and whack the tar (well okay, candy) out of the donkey pinata I bought.  But.....I guess a wrapping paper roll isn't quite strong enough and I placed it to close to the wiondow.  Looks like Danny got the brain and the brawn in this relationship.  I guess I get to just sit around and look pretty. ;-)

So we decided to wait till the next day, and with the girls, tear into that candy filled donkey.  The rewards were delicious.  Side note: NO I DIDN'T EAT THE CHOCOLATE!!  It's the whole reason I bought the air heads and cow tails. 

A Mexican Date: In case you wanna do this

Pina Colada Mix
Whipped Cream
A Cherry
Lotsa Candy

Mexican Train: The Dominoes Game
Printed up or homemade sombreros
A Pinata!!

Any ideas for my future dates please share!!


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