Ice Cream Baby!

 Our family went to McDonalds Friday evening.  With kids in tow and coupons smushed into our pockets we arrived at the clean, rather quiet (considering all the kids) fast food restauarnt.  The inside playground was loads of fun, and both girls couldn't wait to explore.  Ellyana was racing with the rest of the kids in no time, and Brinely was eager to follow (though I'd say it was more about crawling up and down the playhouse stairs for her)  After chomping down burgers, fries and nuggets, as well as some die hard playing, it was time for dessert.  Enter: Ice cream Cones (vanilla of course...because I can't have chocolate-therefore no one can!  Aren't I nice?!?)
     Both girls were preoccupied with the gym and their new friends.  Elly was a drive by eater, a lick or two would do in passing.  But Brinley, oh no, Brinley would not have that. She wanted the whole cone the WHOLE TIME!!  She walked about slurping the melting vanilla while squishing it onto her cheeks and clothes.  The kids would run past her as she tromped about the floor delighted to have her face in the creamy cool sweetness.  She inherited a nick name that evening.  The kids would run by her shouting out "It's Ice Cream Baby!!"  More than a dozen times, I'd hear the voices of children calling over, reffering to or shouting at the Brinsters as "Ice Cream Baby."  Elly was protective of her sister, exclaiming to one boy
"NO!  Her name is Brinley!"   But for that evening she really was "Ice Cream Baby" 


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