Danny's Date/ A Seafood Extravaganza

      Yesterday Danny arrived with bags of food in his arms.  I had already begun fixing dinner, a mexican dish, consisting of dirty rice, beans, tomatoes, olives, chicken and taco seasoning.  It was sizzling in the pan, and letting off a warm spicy aroma.

This is easy and yummy to make, especially when you buy the boxed dirty rice

"Oh your making dinner already.  Well that's alright, we can just add that to the meal I'm making for us."  He shlopped the bags down onto the table.
 "Oh? What meal are you making?"
 I leaned over his shoulder trying to catch a peak. Danny  pulled the items of food from the filmy plastic bags.  Lobster tails, giant fresh scallops, shrimp and clams were placed on the kitchen table.

"Mmm, I can't wait!"  I chimed
  Danny began throwing all the cold items in the fridge and headed outside.
"Yeah, I figure I could cook it outside over the fire, like Little House on the Prairie."
And that is exactly what he did.  He collected, wood, paper and lint.  Then he collected three long, thick, wooden handles and tied them together, as if he were building a teepee.  A chain fell below the top to hold the dutch oven in place.  The whole family enjoyed this time outside, admiring the dancing fire, smelling the savory, smoky aroma.  Danny threw in some pear and apple branches that seem to give off a lovely sweetnees. 
Danny is so handy, I think we'd make it in the wild, just off of his sheer genius

Elly looking much happier than the day before.  Don't mind the red marker she drew all over her face-it's on her nose and cheek.
The Brinsters enjoying her swing ride

  We were so eager to eat the delectable food that Danny decided to cook earlier than anticipated.  The origional plan was to set everything up, send the kids to bed around 7 (an hour early for them, but hey they are recovering from illnesses) and then cook up the yummy concoctions.  We were to eat on our makeshift tables under the stars and answer the 52 questions that Danny printed up.  Apparently everyone who is married should know these things about thier spouse, like their social security number.  Do you know your spouses?  Ugh...I knew part of it. 
Charming right?  I know I was excited
Yummy Lobster sizzling in the pot

Bon Appetite!

   So we ended up eating in the kitchen while the girls watched pbs (they already had dinner)  But we saved the clams for after they went to bed.  Then we would sit outside, gaze at the stars and answers questions about one another. I was REALLY looking forward to this.  In the meantime we wrote down the 52 answers to the questions Danny printed up.   After devouring every bit of seafood, we gave the girls a bath, read "Farmer Boy" from the Little House Series, read our scriptures, brushed the girls teeth and said our prayers.  I was ecstatic to start the official date.  I quickly tucked the girls into bed, while Danny got the clams ready to boil.  I was about to put my jacket on when Danny arrived back inside.
 "I hate to break it to you, but it's raining."  I slumped down in the chair beside me.
"Really?  Is it raining hard?"  He nodded
"Enough to let the fire fizzle out. "
And so Danny cooked the clams inside.  We slurped those babies up by the handfuls, they were delicious.  And the questions began.  And you know what, aside from the social security and not knowing Danny's full phone number (hey he is on speed dial) we answered them pretty accurate.  All in all, despite the rain it was a delectable, and unforgettable experience.   
I hope your Valentines Day was superb! 


Andrea said…
Looked awesome. Hey, do you know where he found that list? That sounds like it would be a great date for me!
Danielle said…
Thanks! I think Danny said it was the love languages test, by Gary Chapman. (from the book the five love languages)
Andrea said…
Cool, thanks!

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