Chutes, Ladders and a couple questions

   Thursday came and went, and another micro date has passed.  This week, I pulled out the board game Chutes and Ladders.  Yes I know so juvenile, but as you probably figured out from earlier posts, I can be pretty immature.  There was more to just playing the regular ole game.  I had quesitons to go wit h it.  Questions like: "Who was your favorite elementary school teacher." 

       Side note: Instead of having your spouse tell you the answer, GUESS IT!! 
    With each move we made, a question was presented, and we guessed the other's answer.  If I guessed correctly then I got a point and vice versa.  We like to call it a Chutes and Ladder's version of the Newly wed Game.  At the end of Chutes and Ladders whom ever has the most points wins a back rub!!
      Side note: I had the most points, but Danny insisted that I didn't keep track correctly.  Soo...since we happen to both be competitive Danny insisted we ask five more quesitons and who ever had the most points then, was the winner.  Hmmm....can you guess who won??  Actually it was Danny, but I ended up with the back rub.


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