The bathroom in our rental is nicer than ours!  Wish I was kidding people.
  Well hello everyone!  It has been a busy fun filled day.  Guess what we got tenants!!  They move in this weekend so the hubby and I are scrambling to clean the place up.  Danny along with a couple of his friends have been busy beavers, hanging drywall, painting and putting in new bath room tiles.  They have renovated much including the small stuff like replacing light fixtures and blinds.  I somehow got roped into all the cleaning?!?  Can you belevie that!?!  I have scrubbed floors, sinks, a stove, a refridgerator and a whole bunch of vaccuming.  Side note: Even with all my pitching in, I've still got nothing on Danny.  I'm glad I married such a hard worker.  We came home dusty and smelly (Danny blamed it on his parched mouth, but ALL of HIM as well as MYSELF let off a stinky aroma) I must say it feels pretty good to see all this hard work paying off.  The house looks pretty nice, and believe it or not, I'm not so scared of downtown Allentown anymore.  So, I'm glad for the experience, but ready to relax and go on a REAL date with the hubby...and not just a micro date, I'm talking fancy dinner and a movie type of thing.  Oh how I need a REAL date!!!  Hope all is well! 
Side note 1:  Thank you Kathryn for watching the kids!!  WE OWE YOU!!
Not much of a picture I know, but while vacuming I figured I'd take a picture of the living room
Side note 2:  If you are in the Allentown area and need tenants, Rob Price from West End Associates did a great job!
And another lovely view


Katzzmcd said…
glad to hear you finally got tenants!
Danielle said…
Yes, me too, thank you!

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