Kids say the Darndest things

At the breakfast table my little sicky, was avoiding eating her peanut butter and jelly sandwich, she requested. Bridget-no that is not a typo, she is a 10 year old girl I watch-says.
"Elly it looks like a bug started eating your sandwich"
Elly had taken micro bites from her sandwich, it really did look like a tiny bug had taken bites, rather than my four and a half year old.
"Aww your my little lady bug!"
I exclaimed.
"I'm a wasp."
Bridget said.
" I'm stubborn and when somebody hurts me I sting back hard. I really am, I took the bug quiz."
Bridget beamed as she went on matter of factly.
"And i totally agree with the bug quiz I mean most of the people in my class were butterflies or packrats. But when I saw what I was, I was like stinger!!"
Oh kids say the funniest cutesy things, even when they are 10 and a half.

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