A" 20's" Micro Date

Our first activity on our "Roaring 20's" date night was a pea eating contest.  I know it sounds silly, but really the twenties was full of crazy contests, dancing, pea eating, standing on poles at the top of buildings for many days and much more.  Contests, marathons and any weird challenges were ever so popular.

It's funny because in highschool and college, tests and history was sort of boring to me.  However now that I am older I seem to be soaking this kind of stuff up.  I read an easy book on the Roaring Twenties callled "Life During the Roaring Twenties" By Dian Yancey.  It's a "The Way People Live" Series for what I am assuming junior high students.  Anyways I decided it would be fun to create some trivia from all that I learned.

There was lots of games in the twenties.  It was before the television, and the movies were meant for the weekend.  Games and the radio were a main source of entertainment.  Naturally I took advantadge of both of them, playing early jazz music from pandora for background music as we played a game of checkers.
An easy twenties dessert is rice pudding.  I happened to add a cherry because cherries make everything look yummier, am I right?
Just a sample of our night

I tried to make the table more old fashioned by putting our mammouth light on the table

We were going to watch the Aviator but Danny was tired.  Maybe tonight we shall watch it.  The movie starts off in the mid twenties, so there.


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