100 things Recap

     Well I completely forgot to recap on the 100 things challenge.  Naturally your thinking I didn't do it since I failed at my ONE WEEK CHALLENGE right?  But I get the last laugh, because not only did I disperse of 100 things, I also created a pile for a spring time yard sale.  Does anyone feel like this is going to be a never ending job?  I do.  I mean I live in a home no bigger than 1,300 square feet.  We only own one entertainment center with one tv, one table where we eat and my girls share a room.  Yet it still baffles me: How can I get rid of bags and bags of stuff and still feel like we have plenty?  I didn't think I was a pack rat before, at least I don't think it looked so.....but now I'm beginning to wonder.  The thought also crossed my mind that maybe, just maybe I am starting to realize that I don't need to own a zillion things to feel content.  I must say even when the house is messy, it doesn't look like an atomic bomb went off......now it just looks like an itty bitty bomb exploded.  It feels good, knowing I can make small consistent changes, and that they are slowly becoming more obvious.  And everyday I continue to comb through out the house, trash it,  organzie and give away.  It's a on going journey.
Side note: It's amazing the things you find in your home, which you forgot you even had!


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