100 things in 100 hours Challenge

  I saw a challenge online that Ive comitted to doing:  To get a rid 100 things in 100 hours.  I am currently at 68 things in 48 hours.   I am over half way!!  It's a good goal, since I was beginning to get burnt out and tired.  I would walk about my house and shake my head, thinking, wow, I am so far from the clutter free life I'd like.  I began to slack over the past week.  Then I saw this Challenge on the Internet and decided it was exactly what I needed.  I have to admit, at first I decided that it might be too much, until I began shuffling thruough closets, drawers and cabinets.  I figure this is maybe four trash bags worth, which I have been averaging since mid December anyway, so yeah, I've got this.
        In addition to this I am making small changes in order to focus on what is important.  I set the timer everyday for thirty minutes to have some un interrupted play time with the girls.  Side note: Yes I am certain there are much better parents out there who take more time to play Barbies or trains with their kids-but I am a work in progress.  We read together as a family every night: the scriptures, then Little House on The Prairie.  We eat dinner at the table and go over "words" and "Sentences" with Elly.  We do chores together.  We are trying to play more games.  They consist of Candyland and Chutes and Ladders.  Lastly I am sneakily trying to get rid of the toys that do not stimulate imagination, creativity and a chance to learn.  Basically with the excpetion of Barbies and dolls, if it's not coloring, puzzles, blocks or lincoln logs, then I'd like to let it leave my house.  Less toys please! 
        To enlighten you even more (Yeah I know I'm so enlightening?!?  Not so much) I figured I would share with you some favorite quotes from two books I adore.....Affluenza and Little House on The Prairie.

Some Interesting quotes:
"The average size of new homes is more than double what is was in 1950's, while families are smaller."   Affluenza: The All Consuming Epidemic Second Edition page 24

"Consider also the kinds of goods that were deemed luxuries as recently as 1970, but are now found in well over half of US homes and of by a majority of Americans as necessities: dishwashers, clothes, dryers, central heating, and air conditioning, color and cable tv.  And back in 1970 there were no microwave ovens, VCRs, CD player, cell phones, fax machines, compact discs, leaf blowers, xbox games or personal computers. The use of cell phones has more than doubled than the amount Americans spend on phone service in the past ten years.  Now, more than half of us take these goods for granted and would feel deprived without him."    Affluenza: The All Consuming Epidemic Second Edition  page 28

"Think of having a cup and a cake and a stick of candy and a penny.  There never had been such a Christmas."  Little House on The Prairie: Laura talking about what they got for Christmas pg. 250

Tell me would your kids be excited to get a tin cup, stick of candy, penny and tiny cake??  I know mine wouldn't, and I really feel that my family and most importantly yours truly needs to work on having more gratitiude in our lives for the the things we have.  Things that Laura could never dream of!! I have so much to be thankful for!  This book has really opened my eyes up to the luxuries we have and that less really can be more.  I recommend reading this book as a whole family.  It is informative and exciting and has really opened our eyes to the hardships we don't have to experience. 
      So my Challenge to you now (Yes this seems to be the week of Challenges) is do you think you can get rid of, give away and de clutter 100 things in 100 hours?  DO YOU ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE?? 


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