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Well I can say that it has been quite the challenge to blog this past week...or whenever all this computer shennanigans began.  But alas I am on here......or at least till something breaks down, which can be at any moment. There is so much to write about, but I have decided put off sharing our micro date for a later time.
      This morning was the first meeting of a writers group I put together.  I invited all my  "wanna be author friends"  for a meet and greet, some critiquing and a pot luck lunch.  It seemed to be a success.  After all, it has performed it's purpose: to get us all writing, and to try to better our work.  Oh I just love writers groups.  You go in there, ready to share your work.  You think, this is great stuff, I just know they are going to gush over my talent and wonder why I am not a best selling author already?!?!  Oh yes, you THINK, your proud of your work.....until they point out all the grammatical errors and obvious explanations you seemed to have left out.  You are certain you have painted a picture and harnessed an alluring story....until they ask you questions about charaters and story lines you were certain you explained. 
      My oh my what a humbling experience.  But then if I were a "great" writer I'm pretty sure that you'd all be asking for me to autograph my latest best seller.  But I am not.....YET!!!  It's the purpose of some gut wrenching "you mean you didnt like that part?"  critiquing.  It thickens your skin, toughens you heart, and most of all makes you want to do better.  And best of all, it is helpful.  It's not like the suggestions are spiteful "Yeah, your pretty bad."  No not all, they are offereings really, tweaks turn the story into a cadacasmic (how do you spell that??) legend.  And that is what I want.  And so yes oh yes it is worth it, because yes the wolf should be brown, the color of dirt and maybe I did over use the word "Grrr"  too much and oh yeah, I didnt explain any actions of the wolf.  Hmmmm.....good suggestions. 
   To embaress me even more so, I thought I would share my rough ROUGH draft of what I am talking about.  Enjoy!!
 The hike was steep.  Jagged boulders clung to the hillside as I dug my feet into the soft earth.  I climbed upwards, following the stirrings of snapping branches and swishing leaves.
    By the time I reached the top twenty minutes had passed and I was breathless and clammy. I scanned the area.    A small decaying bench stood to the side, gazing out at the over grown thorny bushes.  You could see there had been quite a view before the plants took over.
        A pretty scene, but no sign of Gray.  Where could he be?  I was sure the obnoxious crackling and crunching came from his footsteps, and I eagerly followed.  What was he up to?
      I trudged towards the bench and carefully sat on the unsteady seat, the wood trembled with the pressure.
"I can't even sit to catch my breath".
 I muttered with frustration, standing, then kicking at the flimsy contraption and watching it split in half.
  A thick low growl followed.  It made my skin prickle and my heart stop.
This time is was much deeper, closer, louder.  I couldn't breathe. It took all the strength in the world to turn my body towards that awful sound, but I succeeded.
A set of blazing green eyes penetrated at me; into me.  A Shiny black coat glistened in the now sunny morning.  My heart raced at the view of those flashing white fangs.  A wolf, as black as night and as BIG as a horse-or at least close to it.
   I grasped for my belt slowly tugging at the knife in my pocket.  It took a step forward, closing in on the gap between us.  Saliva dripped down his dark lips as he growled once more and stepped closer.
   I pulled the knife in front of me and stabbed at the air, acting as if knew how to use it.  Slowly I inched backwards, closer to the thorny edge of the look out.
     I could hear the rapid beating of my heart pound in my ears and down my throat.  My slippery hands clung for dear life to the handle of the knife.
    And then I  watched in slow motion as the massive creature lunged in the air, taking its flight towards me.

Any suggestions/ questions?  Always appreciated


Julie said…
You are such a compelling story writer. Love love love it!!
Danielle said…
Thanks Julie. I hope to go back to the drawing board and make it better!
Paul Denni said…
Great work Danielle. I was part of a writer's group before I recently moved away from Central California. It was probably the single thing I miss about Fresno, California the most! It was me and about 4 other guys and we would just share our work with one another, encourage each other, and give helpful feedback. It was an awesome way for me to get past the fear of sharing my work with another person - in a safe and comfortable environment. I hope your writers group turns out to be equally enjoyable!
Danielle said…
Thanks Paul! I appreciate it :-). I hope you find a writers group close to your home-or are able to start one!! Happy writing!! Just wondering what genre do you write?

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