Who Is My Neighbor?

When you think neighbor, isn’t it easy to single out the five closest families that surround your house?  I know that’s what I think of when I hear the word neighbor.  As you know I trust and adore my neighbors.  They are friendly, kind, courteous and we all look out for one another.  But the residents in our neighborhood are not the ONLY neighbors we have.  Take a glance around you when you are shopping on the grocery store, pumping your gas, depositing money into the bank, driving to work.  Aren’t all these people our neighbors?  What about close friends?  You know the ones you call, text and hang out with?  Yep these are all our neighbors.  And all neighbors deserve help, praise, prayers, kindness and friendship.  Speaking of friends I have a great neighborly story to tell.
                Last week was rough.  We lost some tenants due to lack of rent for several months.  To make matters worse they left a heaping mess behind and the oil tank completely empty. That same week Danny cut his finger and received about eight stitches, maybe more.  It was just an all-around stressful couple of days, a time when we felt the pressures of finance and health.  I needed a BIG cup of comfort, which is exactly what I received.  My good friend Kathryn, whom lives in the same town-but not exactly down the road called me. 
“Are you going to be around for a while?  Because I wanted to drop something off.” she asked
I wasn’t.  I was just getting ready to head to the grocery store because I was out of food and out of ideas for dinner-even though it was already 4pm and our tummies were beginning to growl.
“Well I was about to head out; I can stop by your house”
And I did.  I knocked on the door, curious about what she needed me to pick up.  When she answered the door, her arms cradled a BIG card board box. 
“What is it?”  I asked, dying to know what it could be.  We do preschool together and primary at church, so it could be anything.
“Dinner” My mouth dropped.
“Dinner?”  I wasn’t sick, having a baby or lost a loved one, but here someone was making ME a meal.
“But...why?”  I was still confused, why me? 
“Because you were having a bad week, I figured you could use a meal.”  
A little flutter in my heart humbled me to bits.  Someone cared about my bad week.  Someone took the time to whip up some delectable soup, garlic bread, and salad.  It may seem like a simple act to some, but not to me.  It takes time to double a recipe, money to buy extra supplies and love to even remember someone in their time of need.   It was awe-inspiring moment.  What a lesson to learn, who is my neighbor? Because in the end, everyone is our neighbor and Kathryn had reminded me that this is true.  
What Have You Done To Be Neighborly Lately?  I'd love to hear about it!


Katzzmcd said…
seriously, reading that lifted up my heart!
Danielle said…
glad it made you feel good, it did the same thing for me.

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