Simplifying in the Snow

Let It Snow!

We woke up this morning to flittering flakes and a blanket of white.  Danny typically works Saturday mornings for our neighbors next door, but with the snowfall he was able to chill with  the family a bit longer.  Actually “chill” is an oxymoron to what he really did.  With a couple extra hours on hand Danny was able to organize and get rid of stuff in the basement.   All the camping gear that once adorned and took over the air hockey table is neatly packed away in bins.  The laundry that sat in a monstrous pile on the ground has been placed in baskets and stands atop a table near the washer and dryer.  Food storage is placed in its correct shelf in neat little rows. 
          I told you I wanted to become a Minimalist by the end of the year, but I didn’t tell you I felt pretty much alone in this venture until today.   This felt like a BIG relief, seeing that the basement was going to be the ULTIMATE CHALLENGE!!   I had already gone through all the bins, ridding us of bags of clothes, books, and decorations, but there was still the organizing, oh there was so much to organize.   I have a lack of organization in a BIG way.  I get overwhelmed and confused to the point that I just put it off altogether.  Maybe this is why I feel such a strong desire to become a Minimalist-less organizing.
Now we can play Air Hockey Again!!

I freed up three bins by giving away un-nescessary clothes

He did such a good job organizing the shleves

In truth this whole way of Minimalism is a process.  Our family finds it impossible to say goodbye to all of our stuff in a single week, let alone, month.  I just trust that if I continue to make small changes, to rummage through the house and pick ten things to give away or throw out a day, we will progress into Minimalism.  Some days are certainly easier than others.  Yesterday I filled up four bags to give away, today only one + 2 trash bags.   Either way the process is the same, we are DE cluttering our lives.
 I must admit I find it easier these days to honestly answer myself the questions “When is the last time I wore this, used this, read this, and watched this” and then disperse of the things not sincerely important in my life. I have gone through bags and bags of clothes, toys, books, movies, cds and kitchen gadgets, yet still have felt so far away from the goal.  But Danny changed this today, by fixing the scary basement.  It has helped me to find some renewed hope that yes we are making progress on this!!   Side note:  The basement is not at its finished state, there are still plenty of things eararked for the goodwill, but it is 1,000 times better.
Half of this came from the basement. 


Diane said…
Awesome job Danielle...sounds like your making excellent progress!
Danielle said…
Thank you! We are certainly trying, it's a good feeling. :-)

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