Play ROOM!!

Progress on the Playroom
So the playroom is making head way.   To be honest at this moment in time it is the one room I can feel peaceful.  It is the most organized room in the house at present.  I got rid of a kiddie chair that was hardly used-the squishy kind, gave my parents the toddler slide-that was NEVER used except for making inside tents and lots and lots of toys were dropped off at Goodwill.  The less toys the better, and now we are more likely to play with the forgotten toys that were hiding under the OTHER mounds of toys.   Why did we have so many toys?!? 
But the days are creeping up to Saturday- the day of extravagance.  So I figured I should take some pics before second Christmas at the grandparents arrive so I can remember all the hard work, and be inspired to get it back to this.  To all you Minimalists, it’s not perfection, but it’s a million times better than before.   I’m going gradual consistency.  By the way, this whole getting rid of stuff, has been wonderful, I never would have thought I’d feel so peaceful and content to do it.  You Minimalist people out there with all the blogs and pictures and what not have really, truly inspired me!!  PS Another awesome blog I just found : The


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