Oh My Ellyanna

Ellyanna got up early this morning. I was sleeping in because Brinley woke up crying in the middle of night and had me rock her for a half hour...so I was a little tired.
Then at four in the morning I hear some bumping in shuffling. I check out the curious noise to find Ellyanna scrambling into bed. Her turtle night light was turned back on and the door to the bathroom was closed.
"What are ya doing Elly?". I whispered
"I was going potty and then moved the stool and I washed my hands and I then I shut the door.". She piped up breathlessly. I had to shush her nicely because Brinley began to stir.
Apparently I was hearing the stool scrape against the floor. I gave her a big hug and kiss and congratulated her on the job well done.
So naturally this morning I woke up to more scraping, bumping, and the heavy pitter patter of footsteps. It was much louder than a few short hours ago. I groaned and slowly got up, making my bed and getting dressed all while hearing the strange booming sounds below. It sounded like a construction zone, seriuosly I was expecting a dump truck in my living room.
By the time I made it to the first floor, Elly stood before me beaming!
"Good Morning Mommy!"
All the lights in every single room was turned on, the hallway light, bathroom, kitchen, playroom, living room ALL OF THEM!!!
"Mommy, Brinley wants you!". Elly declared.
I couldn't help but mysteriously wonder if she woke Brinley up with all this madness, who can sleep with all this noise and light? I didn't. She then excitedly explained how she turned on every light with her handy dandy stool. She beamed with pride. Oh my she is a brilliant one.


Andrea said…
At least she wasn't painting anything with poo...seriously. After this week I'm thinking about starting a blog called, "Things I Ponder While I'm Cleaning Up Poo"..first entry, Just exactly where did Lysol come from? I bet a mom invented it because she had to clean up poo....
Danielle said…
Lol wow! I definitely counting my lucky stars.....though that would make an interesting blog ;-). I know I read it!

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