Oh the Clutter!!!

Welp, as fast as we are getting rid of stuff is as fast as we are recieivng gifts.  And the Cooper Christmas Celebration is not yet over!!  Good time to decide to declutter the house huh?!?  We still celebrate with the Cooper cousins and grandparents this weekend.  And that's the mother of all Christmases!  Were talking piles of glorious presents for each individual....piles!!!  For each person!!  Just had to clarify that, cuz we shall be going home with four monstrous piles of stuff this weekend. So how do I counteract this dilemna??  That is without having to get rid of all the fancy new stuff??  I'm up to the challenge and shall document. 
The goal: To rid ourselves of five mountainous trash bags, filled with old clothes toys and other things that clutter and are just sitting there not being used.  Any suggestions?  Wish me luck.


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